Kilt hire

Our hire range consists of more than 200 kilts spanning over 35 tartans. We will dress you up in the most immaculate of formal Scottish dress. Absolutely everything you will need is included. We can also work with your dressmaker to coordinate a truly special outfit for your occasion. To book your outfit, come in for a measuring and fitting.

It is recommended that you book and confirm your hire at least a month in advance. collect during the week before the event and return the week after the event.

If you are unable to return it the following week, we do offer a collection. Costs, Ts & Cs apply.

We also do partial hires and individual outfit items can be hired separately.

Scottish Outfitting

We stock everything you will need to build your own outfit

Brogues, Sporrans, Glengarries, Sgian Dubhs, kilt pins. . . and more.

while we stock a massive range, specific clan or tartans can be ordered in, Just let us know what you are looking for…

children and baby kilt hire

Scotsmen in training. We have over 60 children and baby kilts, the genuine thing, with matching children’s outfits. Bring the little man in for a fitting

kilt making

Our kilts are made in accordance with the finest handmade traditions, with an astute emphasis on quality and beauty. 

All our kilts are made from 100% imported tartans and are available in almost any tartan imaginable. 

Come in to be measured and fitted for a quote. 

Note: Kilts can take up to 15 weeks. If you want to buy a kilt for a special occasion, you are strongly encouraged to visit us well in advance.

kilt restoration and alteration

We offer both minor alteration as well as the major alteration and reconstruction of existing kilts. We also offer kilt restoration and rejuvenation. Bring it in, we will make it new again….. and fit again.


A bagpiper for hire at your special occasion sets the tone and atmosphere at your event. This wonderful instrument can be used for joyous celebrations and can also be played in times of sorrow. Make your event special by having a well-trained and professional bagpiper! Click here to visit their site.