Designed for all-day wearing and outdoor toughness

The NEW Dunvegan Comfort Brogue is designed for all day comfort and hard wearing. With a wider, rounder fit and a phat cushy rubber sole, this Brogue is better suited to long distance marching, all day gatherings and long days on parade….. 

The brogue is also ideal for stepping in puddles and marching on wet grass.

This brogue is perfect for wet and slippery conditions as well as uneven or rough terrain. If you are marching on pavement, Spending long hours on parade or spending a lot of time outdoors, then this is the brogue. (if you are looking for a more formal ghillie brogue, check out our dress brogue)

Key Features:

  • Wider fit, for more comfort
  • Comfort sock (inner cushion sole)
  • Phat cushy Rubber sole
  • Maximum grip even on wet grass
  • Stitched sole
  • Genuine Leather upper
  • Made in South Africa
  • Water resident to about 2 inches (puddle and wet grass proof)

Made in South Africa, Designed and worn by a bandsman.

This ghillie brogue is available in store or international delivery via courier.

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